Zvērināta Advokāta Jāņa Avotiņa Birojs

About Us

The law firm has been established in Riga in the year 2003 and has been offering its clients a wide service range ever since.

In order to ensure high quality of services the law firm cooperates with various professionals from a diverse scope of fields of law since it is believed that quality bases itself on experience that has been obtained from being involved in the full scope of the field.

The law firm does not only focus on Latvian residents offering its services also to foreign country residents. This is possible since the law firm has long-term oriented contracts with the lawyers’ offices in Estonia, Lithuania, Russian and Ukraine. The law firm specializes in servicing business customers (legal entities) needs in legal requirements, more specifically centering on services connected with legal agreements and contracts with merchants. The law firm also specializes in providing legal services at criminal proceeding in the defense pre-trial stage and court proceedings.


We are not expecting clients to come to us with a ready solution to ask for its implementation. In our view the customers role is to provide the notion of the expected and desired result however the lawyers firm role is to ensure the way how the result can be achieved through application of its knowledge in practical and theoretical scope.


In order to be able to offer the Client the most optimal solution an extensive investigation needs to be performed into the materials of the case, evaluation of the possible scenarios and risks though taking into account the interests of the Client.

Set of solutions

We ensure that our Clients get a set of legal services. This means that the Client’s case is being resolved in an interactive manner, informing the Client of all the actions which allows the Client to be actively involved in all steps and in case necessity arises to quickly and adequately react on the changes situation.


The law firm specialists and co-operation partners are all active lawyers with more than 10 years of experience, people that can combine both the theoretical knowledge that they posses with practical skills and traits that can be obtained only when involved in their respective fields for a long time.


Any tasks that are being performed working at a Clients request are discussed in advance and confirmed by the Client or his legal representative, moreover the Client is being informed on a constant basis about the progress of the case. The tasks on a case are being executed according to a pre-defined and Client approved schedule.


In the scope of its activities the law firm adheres to Lawyers ethical and confidentiality standards, that ensure the Client’s information not being disclosed to third parties, since this information is protected by the “On the Bar” law of the Republic of Latvia.

Our approach to work

We join our colleagues in saying that in each case even in the most hopeless one the search should be not for what is being proved however for what is being hidden and in this case the success will be on our side.