Zvērināta Advokāta Jāņa Avotiņa Birojs


When providing services the law firm bases on the assumption that there should be a specialization in a specific field of law in order to proceed with high quality solution finding. There are multiple ways in order to achieve this. One way is to form a huge office, where specialists from various fields would be gathered. In this case the services would have a big gross up, paid bythe Client, since there would be huge administrative expenses and on top of that it would be impossible to provide all specialists with a normal work load. We have chosen co-operation between specialists for our operations appltying this principle on a case by case basis, attracting outsources legal, financial or other specialist consultations in the scope of each case. This approach is efficient for the Client who know the costs and knows what is he paying for.

That is why the end quality of our services is on a high level however the costs are fully planned and are not unreasonably augmented.