Zvērināta Advokāta Jāņa Avotiņa Birojs


The Office offers its clients a full range of legal services. We provide legal services to clients in the following cases:

Insolvency process

  • Managing legal and private entities in insolvency proceedings
  • Representing the interests of creditors in insolvency proceedings
  • Preparation and administration of the remedy process (TAP)
  • Preparation of documents necessary for insolvency proceedings, and TAP

Civil cases

  • Contract law
  • Property law
  • Air law

Civil Process

  • Representation in civil matters in all courts
  • Arbitration process

Finance Law

  • Investments
  • Insurance

Commercial law

  • Registration of merchants, reorganization, liquidation
  • Legal services for merchants

Criminal proceedings

  • Advocacy, litigation and legal proceedings

Administrative procedure

  • Client's representation in administrative matters, facilities and Administrative Tribunal